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Excellence in innovative research and development and achievement

Fanski has: a national laboratory (CNASL3011-Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation number), two large research and development base, 13 international certification authority, more than 100 national patents, 160 research teams, 500 acres production bases, 50 modern automatic production lines, 30,000 square meters of modern warehouse, more than 400 common services supporting manufacturers throughout China 200 cities in 40 000 sales and service outlets and seven global business area in nearly 100 countries or regions. Has the world's advanced level of automatic assembly line and up to more than thirty aspects of rigorous testing to ensure that every product, every accessory, every process can be termed high quality. With professional, information technology, networking advantages for customers with a set of personalized, low-cost, efficient logistics solutions, products exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The highest quality products and the most complete services to the global family is always uphold th

Fanski group values ??summarized the values ??we stand for and what we pay attention to the quality, safety, environmental protection is common throughout the Fanski when the special group to follow. In our product development, performance and service to our customers and society treat employees have been fully reflected ...