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Career development and sanitary advance side by side chain

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Fanski group, due to "reach", founded in 1992, is located in the East China Sea coast of Yuhuan Electromechanical industry zone, from the start, "just do the high quality" concept, it has become the first soul. Ten years grinding sword, first group with the international giants counterparts, by and USA Ge, famous sanitary ware business Kohler, American Standard, large international supermarket chain HOMEDPOT, LOWE 'S, B&amp;Q and other multinational group cooperation, has become the metal hose is Asia's largest production enterprise.
Today, Fanski has: 1 National Laboratory (CNASL3011- Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation number), the 2 R&D base, 13 international certification authority, more than 100 national patent technology, 160 research teams, 500 acres of production base, 50 modern automatic production line, 30000 square meters modern logistics warehouses, more than 400 supporting manufacturers common services throughout the Chinese 200 City 4 sales and service outlets and 7 global business area of nearly 100 countries or regions. Strict testing automatic pipeline has the world's advanced level and up to more than 30 links, to ensure that every product, every parts, every process is of high quality. With specialization, informationization, the advantage of network, provide a set of personalized for the customer, low cost, high efficiency logistics solutions, products are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Will be the best quality products and the most perfect service to the global family is the first consistently uphold the principle, in any corner of the world, consumers can feel the first care. The first will pay more attention to do high-quality, always with the world health industry peers, committed to the global family to provide safe and healthy water guarantee effective.

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