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“Healthy Energy Technology ” become the main theme in 2014 Bathroom Industry


Since the developing of bathroom industry , the competition for the market has entered a stage of comprehensive strength contest . With the continuous growth of leading brands , it’s getting more and more market coverage . Simultaneously , according to the company trends in the first half of this year , International brands expand obviously in the second and third tier market which causes huge impact to small business . Facing the situation of domestic market being carved up increasingly , bathroom industry needs to go back to basis of product which is key to create a market . So , what is good product ? or what products do customers need ? Let’s find out from the product dynamic information in the first half of 2014.

”The main theme” ——Healthy and Green

Any time, any environment, people keep the everlasting pursuit for life and health; however judging from the development of the first half of the bathroom industry, in addition that "zirconium silicate excess" become the industry "label" , the lead exceed standard event like a heavy bomb caused a great disturbance in the industry. At the beginning of January, Shanghai Industrial and commercial bureau issued "the circulation water quality inspection", in 68 batches of products, 6 batches of the product testing by the precipitation of excess lead; one after another, in March 21st, CCTV2 "economic half-hour" column reported that many family workshops, enterprises use copper production bathroom faucet, whose lead content is more than 81 times of the national standard. All of a sudden "on the mere mention of lead" become the most realistic portrayal of consumers.

In addition, from the point of view of a series of standard system,  new GB bathroom learnt has been "partly veiled" also has a new message in the first half of the year, known as the history of the most stringent new GB -- the new revised "ceramic seal faucets" or will soon introduce.

Whether it is "talk about the mere mention of lead" chaos behind thebathroom enterprises need to restore consumer confidence, or the new GB faucet of peremptory norms, in the second half of the year and the future development of the industry, "environmental health" will be the main theme of bathroom products, will be singing all the way through in the bathroom industry process. Enterprises not only to avoid the "workshop" mode of production, from the production technology, product process, operation process and production process under the time, the introduction of the new industry standards must be strictly according toproduct development, sing the "main melody", in any market ischangeable, enterprises can occupy a space for one person.

“Rock and Roll” ——saving Electricity ,saving water

Sanitary ware enterprises need to produce saving Electricity ,saving water product truly, needs to reform the enterprise implement in product and process technology of the "make rock and roll " , like a song "rap", every beat, collision every musical instrument, can touch the heart, extremely elegant and valuable.

In the first half of 2014, the fifth annual conference of the third national building and sanitary ceramics Standardization Technical Committee was successfully held in Yixing, Jiangsu province. During the meeting, reviewed the industry standard of "zircon", national standard of "ceramic tile” and “the test method of ceramic tile ", and completed the revision. At the review conference, Mr.Wang Bo who was the Secretary of the national building sanitary ceramics Standardization Technical Committee said, the new revised standard of "ceramic tile" has been fully aligned with international standards, some standards were higher than international standards. For example, the toilet water consumption, our standard is that the largest water consumption is no more than 9 litres, higher than the USA and Japanese standards. Generally speaking, both the product physicochemical requirements or the functional requirements, our new standards of sanitary industries have all been upgraded and improved.

What is called " To do a good job, must first sharpen his tools", when enterprises actively imported advanced equipments, there is the solid foundation of hardware facilities, to truly grasp the advanced technology is the key. Similarly, also have survey data shows, bathroom is the biggest consumption of the water which used about 60% of total water of family, and in which  40% was used for the toilet, for example the traditional non water saving toilet, if using 10 times of the 6 liters toilet per day, then can wash away 21.9 tons water per year, equivalent to the water consumption by a nuclear family for 2 months. Due to the rising of the water price , water-saving products will be popular in the market. Thus, the company who have the water-saving technology, its product can get the advantage in the market.

“Most Popular”-Technical Intelligence

There is a lot of most popular fashions in every quarter, every year even in every month. In the first half year, we never exaggerate and we shot out that we can consider the most popular products  which are made with technology, intelligence and fun as pops spread over the streets and lanes.

Currently, the bathroom and toilet space is not only the shower place and having rests but also a private place for enjoying the relax and peace after finishing the hard exhaust of daily life. Herein, it is an inevitable trend to liberate the handle operation and to care about the human beings as well as to insert a lot of techs and funs into the sanitary designs from the beginning of 2014.Reviewing the development of first half year, on the one hand, a lot of companies express the cooperative ideas with the giants of internet electronics along with the international magnates enter into intelligent home furniture industries, such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, LG and Apple etc. On the other hand, many companies show their capacities on the battle of intelligence in the exhibition of Kitchen & Bath China. Undoubtedly, intelligent products are deserved to be the most highlight products in the exhibition. Besides the traditional heatable cusions, woman showers and drying functions, there are a lot of APP functions in the intelligent products, all those having been offered to the end-users. With the development of the intelligence technology, entertainment functions on the sanitary products come to be thriving. For example, in order to offering sweet music in the bathroom, there is an inside loudspeaker which can be connected with Bluetooth. Even more, there are some screens on the products, the funs are diversified a lot.

Where there is fashion ,there is outdated. How to keep the intelligent techs in prosperity, there is a long way to go and solve a lot of difficulties. We will focus on how far the intelligent products could go in coming future.

As a review of the development of products in the first half year, it seems like a fantastic concert, there is always in a main melody together with refreshing national music, rock and rolls and  it is ended along with the wonderful pops. In sanitary industries, the business diversifies a lot and it becomes the main development trend. The new markets will be worked out for ourselves as soon as our sanitary companies focus on the development of products.